Tapas and Bars of Seville

Get ready to go out for tapas in Seville bars that have a life


We propose a route through some of the traditional bars of Seville.

Bars that retain that old flavor that they have not lost over the years. Get ready to go out for tapas in bars in Seville that have a life.

Door Cathedral Bar Vida

We start with El Rinconcillo (Gerona, 40 and Alhóndiga, 2), a house founded in 1670

It is the oldest bar in Seville, from here you can not leave without trying its famous spinach with chickpeas, a true delicacy for every lover of the flavors of Sevillian classic cuisine. But beware, if you go you can not stop trying the cod pavements, also famous in this bar.

Las Teresas Cathedral Door

In the Barrio Santa Cruz, we guarantee that these two stops will leave you with a good taste

Casa Roman and Las Teresas. Both places are a perfect example of the Andalusian classic tapas, with a clear protagonist: the ham. For many, the best cut ham in Seville is served in these bars. It must be said that the Barrio de Santa Cruz is one of the most tourist sites in the city, so Casa Román and Las Teresas (which leave as a must-see in any Seville guide worth its salt) are part of the gastronomic epicenter of Guiris and tourists. Said remains.