Enjoy Seville

In Casa del Pozo Santo we have dared to recommend other places in Seville that you should not miss for anything in the world.

Some of the most representative monuments and places of the city cannot be left out:


Triana Bridge

The Isabel II bridge, popularly known as the Triana bridge.

It is a bridge located in Seville (Andalusia, Spain), which joins the city center with the Triana neighborhood on the Guadalquivir River and that replaced in the 19th century an old pontoon bridge that was in place, constituting the bridge of oldest iron preserved in Spain. The construction was completed in 1852, under the reign of Elizabeth II, why it bears that name.


Cathedral of Sevilla

Cathedral of Santa Maria de la ver of Seville.

Gothic cathedral is Christian of the world with greater area. UNESCO declared in 1987 by the Royal Alcazar and Archive of the Indies, humanity2 heritage and on July 25, 2010, good of exceptional universal value.