The Fair of April

Tips to make the most of the April Fair in Seville


That the April Fair in Seville is only for a few with a booth is a myth

We are not going to deceive you, to get the most out of it you should miss a Sevillian friend, one who will guide you through the Real de la Feria. But calm, in the long lines of the bus, the subway or the street you will always find a good Sevillian to advise you where to go and how. From Casa del Pozo Santo we want you to feel like a true Sevillian, here are our tips:

The dressing

Yes, in Seville we manage and a lot, we like to go to the nines.

If you don't have a flamenco dress and you prefer to go according to your style, don't worry, but just fix it. For the woman: steamy dresses, long skirts, or palazzo pants, with tank tops (it is usually very hot and more inside the booths, you'll see), esparto wedges (you're going to get tired of walking around the Real, so you will better withstand the routes from the house in the house) and some jacket for the return home early in the morning, it never hurts. Put a flower under your ear with orchids and long earrings, yes, all with bright colors, spring and joy can be noticed. You will feel like one more Sevillian. Do not forget to take a good fan with you, you will need it. For men: light colored Chinese pants, shirt and jacket. Is the best option. Unless you prefer to go 'short', like those who ride horses ...

The booths

In Seville we have everything, public and private booths.

The public ones correspond to the booths of the political parties, the districts (North, South, East and West), and some more. One of the cheapest with a more casual and street atmosphere is the 'Fishbowl', near the Cover. As for the private ones, there is everything, there are the big clubs like Pineda or the small and flirtatious ones that belong to families and associations of friends. Not all of them are closed to the rest of the public throughout the day, many have a doorman after nightfall (to avoid fuss), so if you put a face you can freely enter many, yes, you do not Forget, for the Sevillian the booth of the fair is the extension of his home, with education and sympathy he goes anywhere, right?

The night of the 'pescaíto'

It is the night from Monday to Tuesday, all the booths make a dinner of partners

Where you eat fried 'pescaíto', ham and prawns. At 0:00 the 'Alumbrao' is produced, which is the first time the Cover and the other lanterns of the Fair are illuminated, a show. It is at this time when we begin the Fair. That night you should not see any woman dressed in flamenco, although you can always cross over to some clueless, many ladies take the opportunity to take their impressive manila shawls out of the closet.

Horse carriage

If you want to walk around the Real de la Feria as a true gentleman or lady

The horse car is a good choice. They can be rented for hours, but must be before 20:00 pm, from that time they disappear from the Real, with the consequent ride of the Lipasam cleaning cars that, based on water hose, soak the streets.


If you want to listen to commercial and disco music, this is not your place.

In all the booths 95% of the time they sound Sevillan, rumbitas and flamenquito. It is true that in some booths late at night you start to hear reggaeton and substitutes, but that is NOT the essence of the Fair. Some booths have stages, live performances and small singing groups. Notice how he pats himself and loses shame.